Commissions bacon spider

Commission me!

Drawing examples can be found on my personal and art blogs!

If you want something that's not listed here feel free to message me and ask about it!

Prices in USD. Payment done through paypal.

If you're interested please message me on tumblr or discord saying you're interested in a commission.

Basic colored doodle - $10

Click for more examples.

spamton neo

A simple digital illustration with basic colors and a simple background
Base price for one character is $10, additional characters are $5 each.
Can do more complex backgrounds but it will increase the price.

Blinkie - $5

An animated blinkie, size is 150 pixels by 20 pixels. You'll also get 2x and 3x scaled up versions.
Base price is $5 for a simple 2 frame blinkie, more complex animations with more frames will cost extra.

Blinkies will be added to the blinkies page unless the commissioner requests they don't.